pricing optimization solution

Pricing-Maintain and Optimize Pricing with Industry Specific Pricing Strategies

Pricing : Maintain and Optimize Pricing with industry specific Pricing strategies. Gain real time price insights with IMA360 price optimization software solution and make better decisions by leveraging the AI driven optimized pricing.

Analyze – Analyze historical data to gain insights into deal win rates and profitability and uncover pricing leakage with advanced analytics. Visualize pricing data at different level by running price waterfall and funnel charts.

Optimize – Optimize price data by AI driven insights and forecasts. Simulate multiple price strategies and compare to pick the right strategy that fit business goal. Optimize at Customer level or Portfolio level across multiple sales channels.

Maintain – Maintain pricing data with govern with automated workflows and compliance management. Maintain price list for all sales channels.

Execute – Automated price calculations and approvals to deliver quick, accurate and best price and real time visibility into several price matrix including profit margin and deal win rate probabilities.