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Profit Optimization Solutions

Optimize Profits by optimizing Pricing, On-Invoice Adjustments and Off-Invoice Incentives.
IMA360’s AI powered solutions are unmatched in simplicity, scalability and performance. Our cloud-agnostic product can run in any public cloud and is rapidly deployable.
Pre-configured Industry Solutions
with the ability to add "secret sauce"
Rapid Deployment & Implementation
Best-In-Class Analytics
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Advanced Solutions for
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Pricing Optimization

Analyze your pricing strategy to stand out from the competition using our robust suite of pricing models.

Compatible With Most ERP Solutions including:

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An Agile & Adaptable Solution

Leveraging decades of Incentive management domain experience paired with Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise, Company has built a unique SaaS product, exclusively for Incentive Management for various industry segments, which brings advanced analytics to every part of the Incentive Management business processes.

  • Incentives Management & Analytics (IMA360) is a modern cloud native SaaS product, designed to simplify incentive management holistically
  • Cloud agnostic product that can run in any public cloud and the first version is supported for GCP, Azure, and AWS
Countries Worldwide

Our team leverages international partnerships to provide global solutions. To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment...

Years Experience

The team at IMA360 has the answers you need, with over twenty years of domain experience, let us provide you with the best solution for your company's program.


IMA360 is Trusted Worldwide

Trusted Analytics
See your true numbers
Get a complete picture of your program's true performance. You can display an aggregate view of all your incentive & rebate programs as well as review up-to-date price trends.
Intelligent Forecasting
Plan your next steps
Through our AI backed forecasting platform, you'll be able to develop pricing strategies, property time your promotions and explore where your company's bottom line is impacted.