Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Exceed customer expectations and make them happy with IMA360

Consumer demands are evolving and volatile demand, dynamic pricing, channel complexity, and new distribution models are making it difficult to drive growth. Optimize your pricing and promotions with complete visibility.

Customer Rebate

Drive growth and market share with customer rebates like fee for service, compliance, price protection, volume and growth rebates targeted for channel partners. Build brand loyalty with rebates focused on end customers.

Ship & Debit

Automate the process from contract to tracking and approving the claims and issue payment to channel partners. Manage the complex multi hierarchy GPO/Buying Group membership for contract management. Collaboration portal for channel partners to resolve and claim dispute and contracts approvals.


Build and distribute price catalogs and create price quotes with real time margin analysis powered by AI Single source of truth for all prices and discounts and real time integration to distribute data to ordering systems. Analyze and build product prices based on multiple pricing strategies and run simulations based on historical data to set the right price.


Optimize and manage complete life cycle of promotions targeted for consumer and run by retail partners or e-commerce partners.
Allocate funds, track spend and monitor approvals and performance for marketing programs for channel partners.


Automate royalty to focus on what you do best; innovate Manage royalty owed by you for the IP used in your products.
Automate royalty owed to you by partners using your IP in their products.

Sales Commissions

Automate sales commissions for your outside sales agents.
Calculate and pay sales commissions for your employees based on direct or indirect sales.

Profit Optimization

Optimize Profits by optimizing your pricing, promotions, and incentives.
Analyze profitability in real time by drilling down at any level.
Run AI driven sales forecasts to provide accurate demand forecasts and use it to model for pricing, promotions, and incentives.

Compatible With Most ERP Solutions including