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Customer Rebate Software & Services

Customer rebates offer huge value to both the seller and buyer when managed effectively. The seller can build a strong relationship with their buyer through an effective loyalty incentive, and the buyer gets a better price overall. IMA360 provides best-in-class Customer Rebate Software

Why use IMA360?

Rebate contracts continue to grow, and complexity is continuing to increase. Sellers need to assess their current systems to ensure they can keep up the pace and are truly automated from end to end.

Simplified Deployment

Setup your most complex rebates fast with the most common rebate scenarios already pre-configured, including Flat rate (% or $), Fixed Fee, Price Protection, Target Achievement, Volume Tier, and Growth Tier. Flexibility to include/exclude attributes and choice of multiple rebate basis.

Analytics and Reporting

More than 25 standard reports available and dynamic reporting tool for the users to create zero code reports quickly for deeper analysis. Multiple dashboards and charts suit different stakeholders' needs and numerous statement formats for customers.

Intelligent Automation

Complete automation from setup to calculation, accrual to payment and reporting and analytics. Automatically post accruals and payments to the relevant General ledger accounts and clear the payments' accruals, reducing reconciliation needs. Any retroactive contract changes automatically calculate the prior period adjustments and appear in the approval workflow.

Validation and Audit Trail

Validation controls are established at each step of the process to ensure rebates are processed rapidly and accurately. Ability to route any contract change to the approval process ensuring contract compliance. Provide an audit trail for each rebate calculation by the customer by product and up to the billing line level detail.

Streamlined Workflow

Configurable Approval workflows for Contract, Accrual, and Payment. Easily configure multiple levels of approvals and provide users alerts and notifications for specific scenarios.

Integrated Solutions

Single, unified, and integrated solution ensuring a rapid and cost-effective implementation. Out-of-the-box integration with most ERP systems and accessible to setup integrations for in-house legacy systems.

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