Customer Rebate

Automate your most complex B2B Customer rebate programs and model deals to grow profitably.

Customer Rebate

Automate your most complex B2B Customer rebate programs and model deals to grow profitably.

Use customer rebates to gain market share without sacrificing profits.

When modeled and managed effectively, customer rebates offer huge value to both the seller and buyer. The seller can build a strong relationship with their buyer through an effective loyalty incentive, and the buyer gets a better price overall.

Intelligent Automation

Complete automation from setup to calculation, accrual to payment, reporting, and analytics
Automatically post accruals and payments to the relevant General Ledger accounts, and clear the payments’ accruals, reducing reconciliation needs.
Retroactive contract changes automatically calculate adjustments from the prior period and appear in the approval workflow.

Deal Modeling

Model most complex rebates quickly with preconfigured scenarios including Flat Rate, Fixed Fee, Price Protection, Target Achievement, Tiered Volume, Tiered Growth, Multi Axis Tier, and many more.
IMA360 allows you to be as creative as you need to be to gain market share

Membership Management

Automatically manage your GPO/Buying Group member lists and their activations to keep track of rebate programs attached.

Reporting & Analytics

We offer lots of standard reports and analytics out of the box, as well as the framework to allow users to create no-code reports and analytics for deeper analysis.
IMA360 has multiple configurable dashboards delivered based on stakeholder needs.
Customer statements are configurable

Collaboration Portal

Collaborate with your customers without the need for emails with excel files.
We provide a portal where your customers can login and collaborate with you based on what you allow them to access. For example, contract approvals, monthly rebate reporting, ad-hoc queries, etc.

Validation and Audit Trail

Controls are established during each step of the process to ensure rebates are processed accurately.
IMA360 provides an audit trail for auditors to perform monthly or quarterly audits.
We offer multiple configurable levels of Approval workflows for Contracts, Accruals, and Payments.