Go beyond the conventional approaches to a next level of profit optimization with IMA360

Even Though the global Pulp, Paper & Packaging industry size is expected to consistently grow in time, the industry still faces important challenges for the next decade.

The industry is often labeled as a “traditional” industry, yet the confluence of technological changes, demographic shifts and resource constraints, require embracing changes that are anything but traditional.

Protecting and increasing market volumes, identifying the appropriate pricing strategy, and ultimately finding the next level in profit optimization become critical challenges for companies in the industry.

Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Full suite of solutions to Configure, Price, Quote, Promote and Optimize

Full suite of solutions that will help reduce cost and complexity in end-to-end processes from planning-budgeting to execution in your profit generating systems with a tight control, visibility and optimization of your pricing and rebate programs.

Price Management

Maintain a single source of truth for all prices and discounts, with seamless integration to distribute data to ordering systems in real time.

Efficiently build and distribute price catalogs and generate real-time quotes with AI-powered margin analysis.

Analyze and establish product prices using multiple pricing strategies, leveraging historical data simulations to determine the optimal price.  Analyze margins when negotiating contracts with GPOs.

Efficient management of pricing validity dates, automated periodic pricing updates and traceability of changes.

Pricing engine that can easily handle the most complex products and key pricing figures, providing easy data access and visibility from Base/List Price to Net and to Margin.

Customer Rebates B2B

Rebate engine that allows to efficiently manage the Contract to Settlement process, including setup, eligibility, calculation, accruals, payment to your B2B partners including distributors, membership groups, buying groups and brokers.

Pre-configured solution to efficiently handle various rebates programs, such as flat rate, fixed amount, tiered volume with single and graduated scales and tiered growth.  Flexible configurable options to easily define formulas to determine rebate basis in units or amount and flexibility to use different units of measures for rate determination and rebate calculation.

Empower your partners with a collaborative portal that enables easy visibility and execution of rebate and chargeback agreements.

Full transparency and only source of truth in terms of program eligibility, incentive offering, claim processing and traceability with full integration to customer chargebacks.

Customer Chargeback B2B

Automate the entire chargebacks process seamlessly with EDI 844/845/849/867 mapping, delivered out of the box, and harness the power of blockchain capability for added efficiency and transparency.

Efficient process to estimate provisions and accrue chargebacks for those sales not yet attached to a claim.

Means to control distributors for not claiming more than their actual purchased quantities.  Tracking of Distributor’s inventory of units bought and not yet sold to end-customer and claimed.

Full integration with customer rebate contracts

Automatic translation of material numbers and End-customer numbers between your company and those from the distributor.

Efficient dispute and exception management process.

Profit Optimization Strategy

Boost your profits through optimized pricing, rebates and chargebacks.

Analyze real-time profitability at any level for a comprehensive understanding.  Drill down at any level for data-driven insights.

Leverage AI-driven sales forecasts to ensure precise demand predictions, empowering you to model your pricing and rebates effectively.

Rebate Costing & Budgeting

Ensure optimal evaluation, cost and funding of rebate programs through AI-driven sales forecasts and simulations. Adjust as necessary to maximize impact.

Streamline the allocation, tracking, and approval processes for marketing programs that empower distributors to promote your brand effectively. Keep a close eye on performance to drive success.

IMA360 Solution capabilities

Drive Growth and Profitability by analyzing and optimizing your Pricing, Rebates and Chargebacks with IMA360’s Profit Optimization software.

Unique features

Digital Transformation/Smart Processing

Decreases Operational Complexity

Optimize Process, Achieve Profitability

Analytics & Reporting

Security And Regulatory Compliance

Integrated with most ERP/CRM solutions including

IMA360 Automotive Solution capabilities

Drive Growth and Profitability by analyzing and optimizing your Pricing, Promotions, and Incentives with IMA360’s Profit Optimization software.

Unique features

Optimize Process, achieve Profitability

Digital Transformation/Smart processing

Decreases Operational complexity

Security and regulatory compliance