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High Tech & Electronics

Achieve Rapid Breakthrough Innovation and Early Risk Sensing with IMA360

In a fast-paced environment where product lifecycles change every six months, global partners collaborate, and business continuously evolves, staying ahead is crucial. Rely on IMA360 to ensure your revenue management keeps pace with these demands, helping you seize opportunities and mitigate risks effectively.

Customer Rebate Solutions

Boost growth and market share with targeted customer rebates, including fee for service, compliance, price protection, volume, and growth rebates for channel partners. Enhance brand loyalty through end customer-focused rebate programs.

Streamlined Ship & Debit Solutions

Automate the entire process, from contract management to tracking and approving claims, ensuring swift payment to channel partners. Efficiently manage complex multi-hierarchy GPO/Buying Group memberships for contract administration. Enable a collaborative portal for channel partners to resolve claim disputes and gain approvals for contracts.

Efficient Pricing Solutions

Utilize AI-powered real-time margin analysis to build and distribute price catalogs and create quotes promptly. Maintain a single source of truth for all prices and discounts, seamlessly integrating with ordering systems in real-time. Analyze product prices based on multiple pricing strategies and run simulations using historical data to establish the optimal price.

Effective Promotions Management

Streamline the entire life cycle of promotions aimed at consumers, run by retail or e-commerce partners.
Efficiently allocate funds, track expenditures, and closely monitor approvals and performance for marketing programs targeting channel partners.

Automated Royalty Management

Free up your focus to innovate by automating royalty processes.
Effortlessly manage the royalties owed for the intellectual property (IP) used in your products.
Automate the collection of royalties owed to you by partners who utilize your IP in their products.

Automated Sales Commissions

Streamline sales commission processes for your outside sales agents with automation.
Efficiently calculate and disburse sales commissions for your employees, considering both direct and indirect sales.

Profit Optimization Strategy

Maximize your profits by optimizing pricing, promotions, and incentives.
Analyze profitability in real-time with the ability to drill down at any level for actionable insights.
Leverage AI-driven sales forecasts to ensure accurate demand predictions, enabling effective modeling for pricing, promotions, and incentives.

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