Customer Chargeback Solution

Maintain a healthy supply chain, boost sales while protecting margins by automating your customer chargeback (Ship & Debit/SPA/Claims) with IMA360’s cutting edge customer chargeback software.

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Why Use Customer Chargeback Software

When specific products are shipped and invoiced to your customers at a lower price than what you paid, you are eligible to claim the difference in price to protect margins.

Managing this process is quite challenging for distributors who carry thousands of products from thousands of suppliers, and service hundreds of thousands of end customers on a variety of contracts and any mistake can cause huge margin leakage.

Benefits of IMA360's Customer Chargeback Solution

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Automation and Integration

Complete automation from receiving contact from suppliers via EDI 845 to creating and sending claims via EDI 844 and receiving supplier response via EDI 849 and payment.

Promotion optimization Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal

Collaborate easily with your suppliers without the need for emails with excel files on collaboration portal to settle claims and resolve claim disputes.

Predictive Analytics- promotion optimization- sales commisions tool transperency

Dashboards and Analytics

Multiple dashboards available for deeper analysis including Rejection reason dashboard. Configurable dashboards, Operational reports, and Self-serve zero code reports.

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Customizable Industry Solution

Solution is pre-configured with best practices for each industry but allows customers to configure the solution and implement difference between different business units.

Promotion optimization for profitable growth- sales commisions tool

Membership Management

Automatically manage your GPO, buying group member lists, and their activations to keep track of contracts attached.

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Improve Cash Flow

Trigger instant claim to the suppliers to improve cash flow and communicate claims via EDI/Automated Emails/Collaboration Protal.

Challenges with managing Customer Chargeback

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Key Features of IMA360's Customer Chargeback Software

Rebate complexity and volume continues to grow, and sellers need to assess their current systems to make sure they can keep up and are truly automated end to end.

Complete Solution

Automated management of Chargeback accruals, Claims and Reconciliation and Settlement.

Out of the box EDI Formats

Automate contracts (845), claims (844/849), and sales tracing (867) using standard EDI delivered formats with the ability to customize for different suppliers.

Integrated Solution

Single, unified, and integrated solution ensuring integration with most ERP systems and easy to setup integrations for in-house legacy systems.

Disputes Resolution

IMA360’s reason for rejection dashboard allows for quick resolution. Retroactive contract changes automatically calculate adjustments from the prior period and appear in the approval workflow.

Claim Tracking

Complete online real time tracking and audit trail for all types of chargeback claims ensuring correct claim amount even though sell and cost price fluctuate through the month or quarter.

Validation and Audit Trail

Audit trail to match end customer invoicing with claim. Ability to route any contract change to approval process ensuing contract compliance.

Ship and Debit: Discover the Game-Changing Solution Your Business Needs

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AI based Ship and Debit Management empower Channel Partners

Have you found the management of your Ship and Debit programs very tiresome because of their complexity and resource heavy approach? IMA360’s secure and innovative Ship & Debit processing might become the creative solution your business has been waiting. We empower our customers with the artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, which is the state-of-the-art solution that thoroughly handles your ship and debt to make you a leader in the industry.

The Unexpected Truth: Effortless Ship and Debit administration is within a reach.

Surprisingly, handling your Ship and Debit programs don’t necessarily have to hurt your head. IMA360’s AI-augmented Ship and Debit solution disrupts the way you manage your programs by automating and streamlining the whole procedure, which will, in turn, save you time and resources and alleviate the cost while improving your performance. Let the future dawn of trouble-free Ship and Debit management be your new reality and leave behind the struggles of the manual processes of the past.

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Experience the Immense Benefits of IMA360's Ship and Debit Solution

The immeasurable benefits your business can experience when you choose IMA360:

Unmatched Efficiency

Our AI enabled ‘Ship and Debit’ solution automates, simplifies, and streamlines all elements of the management process, which allows your team to identify the efforts on more strategic tasks and jobs.

Greater Profitability

Utilizing data insights and sophisticated analytics in real-time to streamline your ship and debit approach you will be able to ensure the maximum revenue generation coupled with increased business performance.

Informed Decision-Making

Utilize real-time actual data as the basis for your management decisions, thus guaranteeing that your Ship & Debit program will be successful and current with the fast-changing marketplace.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Through faster payouts and better accuracy, your customers will delight in a unique ‘all-round’ experience that fosters continued and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Ship and Debit Program with IMA360

Having discovered the key to revolutionizing Ship and Debit management, are you willing to try IMA360’s Ship and Debit 360 solution – an innovative program that will bring you a new way of handling Ship and Debit? Feel free to connect with us for further information on how our AI-inspired Ship and Debit systems will benefit your business, driving up rates of efficiency, profitability, and client satisfaction. It is high time your Ship and Debit system achieved its highest level of efficiency and left your competition miles behind.

Get in touch with us today and let us transform your business from the ground up!