Customer Chargeback

Manage your Customer chargeback (Ship & Debit/SPA/Claimback) programs effectively.

Customer Chargeback

Manage your Customer chargeback (Ship & Debit/SPA/Claimback) programs effectively.

Use Customer Chargeback to help your customers and suppliers, and boost sales while protecting margins

When specific products are shipped and invoiced to your end customers through channel partners at a lower price than what those partners (distributors/wholesalers/dealers) paid, the partners are eligible to claim the difference in price to protect margins.
Managing this process is quite challenging for distributors who carry thousands of products from thousands of suppliers, and service hundreds of thousands of end customers on a variety of contracts.

Process Automation

Automate processes such as storing contracts, triggering claims, and receiving payment.
Retroactive contract changes and approvals allow the triggering of claims even if contracts are received late and the end customer has already been invoiced.
Audit trails help match end customer invoicing with chargeback claims.

Claim Life Cycle visibility

Trigger instant claims with accurate information about the end customer invoice provided to the supplier to improve cash flow.
With IMA360, our customers have complete online real-time visibility and audit trails for all types of chargeback claims, ensuring correct claim amounts even though sell prices and cost prices fluctuate through the month or quarter.
Easily maintain, track, and settle different rates on the same products for different end user accounts

Membership Management

Automatically manage your GPO, buying group member lists, and their activations to keep track of rebate programs attached.

Out of the box EDI Formats

Automate contracts (845), claims (844/849), and sales tracing (867) using standard EDI delivered formats with the ability to customize for different suppliers.

Reporting & Analytics

We offer lots of standard reports and analytics out of the box, as well as the framework to allow users to create no-code reports and analytics for deeper analysis.
IMA360 has multiple configurable dashboards delivered based on stakeholder needs.

Collaboration Portal

Collaborate easily with your supplier without the need for emails with excel files.
We provide a portal where distributors and suppliers can login and collaborate to resolve claim disputes.
IMA360’s reason for rejection dashboard allows for quick resolution