Maximizing Sales and Profits with Optimized Promotions


Maximizing Sales and Profits with Optimized Promotions

Optimize Promotions and Drive Growth with Targeted Promotions

Sometimes it is better to do nothing than run a promotion to find out at the end of month that it didn’t lift sales but dented the margins. Problem is companies spend more time on execution than on optimization.
In the fast-paced business world, success relies on staying ahead of competitors by finding new ways to drive growth and increase revenue. Our advanced software solutions help companies optimize profits through targeted promotions that boost sales and margins.
IMA360’s solutions offer a wealth of features to improve retail sales and marketing efforts, including marketing optimization and automation.

Execute with Confidence

Streamlines the manual tasks involved in running promotions, freeing up time and reducing the risk of human error.
Enables businesses to create, manage, and track promotions, as well as set up customer segments, all from a single, user-friendly interface

Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

Calculate financial forecast based on AI driven sales forecast and planned promotions.
Promotions are budgeted and posted to the accounting for next promotion period.
Retail and wholesale promotions are forecasted for next few years to help prepare the profit forecasting

Analyze Promotions Effectiveness

Solution provides powerful tools for managing promotions and tracking their effectiveness, with real-time reporting and analytics.
Measure the effectiveness of Promotions to analyze what worked and what didn’t for the set goals and fine tune the promotions for next period to maximize results, ensuring every dollar is well-spent.

Optimization for Profitable Growth

Increase market share by focusing on promotions where it delivers the most value.
Targeted promotions allow businesses to better manage inventory levels and reduce waste, ensuring they make the most of every sale.
By maximizing sales and minimizing costs, companies can improve margins and achieve long-term success.

Predictive Analytics

Analyzes consumer data to uncover key trends and patterns, providing insight into the most successful products and promotions.
Develop targeted promotions that can be easily deployed to specific customer segments, allowing companies to make the most of every marketing opportunity.


Collaborate with your retail partners to fully evaluate and fund promotions.
Provide retail partners real time visibility to the promotions company is offering so they promote to the consumers to achieve sales lift.
Go beyond increasing revenue and volume and make it more profitable for your business and retail partners.