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Analyze promotions effectiveness, Optimize, and manage promotions to lift sales and optimize profits with IMA360’s AI powered promotions software.

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Why Use Promotions software

Sometimes, it is better to do nothing than run a promotion at the end of month just to find out that it didn’t lift sales, but dented margins. The problem is companies often spend more time on execution, rather than on optimization. Promotion software helps companies optimize profits through targeted promotions that boost sales and margins.

IMA360 Promotion Solution Benefits

sales commissions tool- Optimize Sales Performance

Analyze Promotions Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of Promotions to analyze what worked and what didn’t work for the set goals, and fine tune the promotions for the next period to maximize results, ensuring every dollar is well-spent.

Promotion optimization for profitable growth- sales commisions tool

Optimization for Profitable Growth

Increase market share by focusing promotions on where it delivers the most value. Targeted promotions allow businesses to better manage inventory levels and reduce waste, ensuring they make the most of every sale.

Promotion optimization Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal

Collaborate with your retail partners to fully evaluate and fund promotions.
Provide retail partners real-time visibility to the promotions your company is offering, so they can promote to their consumers to achieve sales lift.

Execute with Confidence

Streamline the manual tasks involved in running promotions, freeing up time and reducing the risk of human error. Create, manage, and track promotions, as well as set up customer segments, all from a single, user-friendly interface.

Predictive Analytics- promotion optimization- sales commisions tool transperency

Predictive Analytics

Analyze consumer data to uncover key trends and patterns, providing insight into the most successful promotions and develop targeted promotions for specific customer segments, allowing companies to make the most of every marketing opportunity.

sales commisions tool drive Profitability

Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

Calculate financial forecasts based on AI driven sales forecasts and planned promotions. Promotions are budgeted and posted to the accounting for the next promotion period.

Why Promotions Matter

Promotional Planning and Budgeting

Promotional Planning and Budgeting

Ease the process of planning and budgeting, which helps businesses to allocate resources effectively and create marketing campaigns that are precisely tailored to meet sales and brand recognition goals.

Automated Execution and Tracking

Automate the executions and tracking of promotional activities through which human errors are reduced and promotions are executed profitably across all channels.

promotion optimization tracking
promotion optimization analysis

Real-time Performance Analysis

Through ERP system integration, the promotion solution helps to obtain immediate information about promotional performance indicators, which allows businesses to make strategic decisions based on facts and modify the promotional strategy on the basis of the provided data.

Post-promotion Analysis and ROI Calculation

Promotion software provide a range of post-promotion analysis tools that support businesses in evaluating the success of their promotions and making their return on investment calculation, which help them in conducting even better promotions in future.

Post-promotion Analysis

Key Features of IMA360's Promotions Software

Promotions are a crucial aspect of driving sales and building brand awareness in today’s competitive markets. By leveraging the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, our TPM solutions provide insights and automation that help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Easy to setup promotions

 Setup your most complex promotions with most common scenarios already pre-configured.

Integrated Solution

Single, unified, and integrated solution ensuring a rapid and cost-effective implementation. Out of box integration with most ERP systems and easy to setup integrations for in-house legacy systems.

AI powered forecasts

Retail and wholesale promotions are forecasted over a few years in the future to help prepare the profit forecasting.

Analytics and Dashboards

Our solution provides powerful tools for managing promotions and tracking their effectiveness, with real-time reporting and analytics.


Configurable Approval workflows for Promotions, Accrual and Payment. Easily configure multiple levels of approvals and provide alerts and notifications for specific scenarios to the users. Ability to route any contract change to approval process ensuing contract compliance.  Automatically post accruals and payments to the relevant General Ledger accounts, and clear the payments’ accruals, reducing reconciliation needs

Validation and Audit Trail

Controls are established during each step of the process to ensure promotions are processed accurately. IMA360 provides an audit trail for auditors to perform monthly or quarterly audits.

Benefits of IMA360's TPM Solutions

More customers and more recognition for the brand.

Efficient promotions result in an increase in sales and brand recognition, that, in the end, will boost market position and ensue long-term growth and success.

Optimal resource allocation

The streamlined planning and budgeting processes allow organizations to target their resource allocation properly, allocate them at the most efficient level and ultimately produce the desired effect from their promotional efforts.

Data-driven decision-making

Real-time measurement and evaluation tools, as well as post-promotion performance assessment enable businesses to make sound decisions based on the data and optimize the promotional activities.

Improved operational efficiency

Automation and integration with ERP systems streamline the execution and tracking of promotional activities, saving time and resources.

Leverage Data and Automation for a Successful Promotion Strategy

Data and automation are to be used for a successful strategy

In addition, IMA360’s software has strong tools for managing promotions and measuring their efficiencies sometimes promptly. This level of oversight and visibility gives companies an opportunity to see the result of their promotions and to make corrective adjustments if needed to boost effectiveness of each marketing dollar invested.

IMA360’s software automates the tedious operations related to promotions, by which businesses become more productive and at the same time reduce the possibilities for the human error. The software enables firms to produce, manage, and customize promotions, which also includes creation of customer segments from one single and user-friendly interface.

The deployed targeted promotions help the businesses to efficiently manage the inventory and reduce the wasteful promotions, thus, ensuring that they benefit for every sale. Driving sales and reducing costs helps companies to grow their margins and therefore set them up for long-term success.

Use Case for Your Company

Enhance Your Promotions

Picture your company facing challenges, in planning, executing and analyzing promotions effectively resulting in less than optimal ROI and missed opportunities. By integrating IMA360s AI driven promotion solution your company can simplify the trade promotion process covering everything from planning and budgeting to execution and post promotion evaluation. This will lead to allocation of resources making data informed decisions and boosting sales and brand recognition.

Are you prepared to tune your trade promotions for success, in the market? Arrange a demonstration. Reach out to our IMA360 team today to discover how our Promotions Management solution can empower your business in today’s landscape.

At IMA360 we recognize that each business faces hurdles and aspirations concerning trade promotions. We invest time in understanding your company’s data, operations, culture and competitive environment to craft a promotion solution that caters to your requirements. By integrating your company’s strengths we ensure that our TPM solutions yield outcomes while fostering growth.

Get in touch with us today and let us transform your business from the ground up!



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