Profit Optimization Solution

Drive Growth and Profitability by analyzing and optimizing your Pricing, Promotions, and Incentives with IMA360’s Profit Optimization software.

What is Profit Optimization

When products are set to a price point that delivers the best possible financial outcome using available resources and constraints, it leads to Profit Optimization. These price points can be a combination of product prices, on-invoice discounts and off-invoice incentives (Rebates, Commissions, Promotions).

IMA360 Profit Optimization Solution Benefits

sales commisions tool drive Profitability

Gross to Net

Analyze Profitability at any level and obtain a deep understanding down to the customer and product levels. Observe the relationship between profitability and promotions/incentives.

sales commissions tool- Optimize Sales Performance

AI driven Forecasting

Forecast sales based on historical data using different AI models that are specially optimized for different industries. Model pricing, promotions, and incentives to increase sales and boost margins.

Predictive Analytics- promotion optimization- sales commisions tool transperency

Dashboards and Analytics

Identify and create alerts for any anomaly in pricing, incentives or promotions budgeting or execution with Anomaly Detection. Utilize executive dashboards to see all important KPIs at a glance.

Optimize Pricing and Discounts

Optimize product prices by customers, groups of customers, affiliations, and all customers. Optimize discounts that are given on-invoice to specific customers.

Optimize Incentives

Optimize incentives (Rebates, Chargeback, Sales Commissions) to get the best value for your business. Accurately predict income from incentives (Supplier Rebate, Chargeback) and model them into your business’ profitability. Accurately predict expenses from incentives (Customer Rebate, Chargeback) and model them into your business’ profitability

Optimize Promotions

Plan incentives based on demand and competition to maximize sales. Optimize promotions without sacrificing margins by promoting what truly leads to sales lift, i.e., no need for the same promotions across all states and/or all products within a product line.

How AI Helps Leaders Make Better Decisions

One of the most remarkable features of AI is its speed in analyzing big data and at a higher level of the accuracy than humans could ever achieve. AI technology enables business leaders to capitalize on a variety of powers, including predictive analytics, to realize such benefits as foretelling market trends or predicting the success of some business strategies. AI is used for effective decision-making and by providing actionable insights that guide leaders in decision making, they can be strategic in their actions using reliable data.


Moreover, AI has been proved to be a powerful tool in minimizing the probability of human errors giving background of bias or wrong data interpretation. AI models are designed to analyze facts unbiasedly and provide the decision maker with objective conclusions based on numbers and patterns. Therefore, the decisions determined with the support of AI are prone to appear more precise and appropriate.

Key Features of IMA360's Profit Optimization Solution

Rebate complexity and volume continues to grow, and sellers need to assess their current systems to make sure they can keep up and are truly automated end to end.

Easy to setup and easy to use

Setup your most complex rebates fast with most common rebate scenarios already pre-configured including Flat rate (% or $), Fixed Fee, Price Protection, Target Achievement, Volume Tier, Growth Tier, Multi-Tier etc. Flexibility to include/exclude attributes and choice of multiple rebate basis.

Integrated Solution

Single, unified, and integrated solution ensuring a rapid and cost-effective implementation. Out of box integration with most ERP systems and easy to setup integrations for in-house legacy systems.

Rebate Programs Setup and retroactive adjustments

Automatically manage your GPO/Buying Group member lists and their activations to keep track of rebate programs attached.

Retroactive contract changes automatically calculate adjustments from the prior period and appear in the approval workflow.

Reduce errors and inaccuracies

Automatically post accruals and payments to the relevant General Ledger accounts, and clear the payments’ accruals, reducing reconciliation needs.


Configurable Approval workflows for Contract, Accrual and Payment. Easily configure multiple levels of approvals and provide alerts and notifications for specific scenarios to the users.

Validation and Audit Trail

Controls are established during each step of the process to ensure rebates are processed accurately.

IMA360 provides an audit trail for auditors to perform monthly or quarterly audits.

Ability to route any contract change to approval process ensuing contract compliance.

Benefits of strong profit optimization solution

IMA360 profitability optimization solution provides transparency into bottom-line performance, as well as insights into the business levers that can be adjusted to impact future profitability results. Analytic outputs from the profitability solution support diverse end-user needs across pricing, margin analysis, customer segmentation, and more. The solution also delivers information to meet both enterprise reporting use cases and the needs of the business lines, including performance drill-downs into business segments, regions, products and customers.

IMA360: A Cutting-Edge Cloud-Agnostic Solution for Profit Optimization

IMA360 is in part written with the help of Golang, an efficient and fast programming language. It is designed to create scalable backend services. This means our app is able to manage large volumes of data and transaction while maintaining operational efficiency and can be scaled up or down depending on our business needs. Golang is famous for its capacity to deal with concurrent processing, which translates to the app of ours being highly performing and efficient as it is able to serve multiple requests at one time.

To provide a highly available and fault-tolerant application we have chosen to deploy it on Kubernetes a highly available platform for containers orchestration. Kubernetes provides us with the ability to distribute the application across multiple nodes and even helps with management of these nodes, thus, ensuring high availability of the application and resilience against node failures. It also enables us to dynamically scale our application to match the on-demand requirements that will ensure we can handle peak traffic with no downtime.

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