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Profit Optimization

Drive Growth and Profitability by analyzing and optimizing all pricing and cost components

Most enterprises are accustomed to analyzing profitability through complementary lenses: a backward-facing lens to analyze past performance, and a forward-facing lens to model likely business scenarios monthly however what is truly needed is an agile platform that can run instant “what-if” scenarios based on the latest date and model forward-looking scenarios.

Gain the agility to react instantaneously for a new competitive advantage

Benefits of strong profit optimization solution

IMA360 profitability optimization solution provides transparency into bottom-line performance, as well as insights into the business levers that can be adjusted to impact future profitability results. Analytic outputs from the profitability solution support diverse end-user needs across pricing, margin analysis, customer segmentation, and more. The solution also delivers information to meet both enterprise reporting use cases and the needs of the business lines, including performance drill-downs into business segments, regions, products and customers.

  • Better understand product pricing and offset current margin pressures
  • Balance the trade-off between acquiring market share and defending profitability
  • Drive product optimization by understanding cost dynamics, cost behaviors and other factors to capture the true cost of a product
  • Create additional transparency for costs incurred at a corporate level and, based upon an agreed taxonomy, generate a cost narrative to foster better engagement and dialogue within the enterprise