Medical Device

Medical Device

Focus on innovation and positive patient outcomes with IMA360

The Medical device industry is going through a radical shift and more innovation happening than ever. However Industry vertical integration is picking up speed and there is tremendous pricing pressure because of consolidation.IMA360 solutions can help provide the 360 degree visibility you need.

Distributor Rebates

  • Manage Fee for Service, Channel Performance, Price Protection and other rebates.
  • Automate end to end chargebacks process with EDI 844/845/849/867 mapping delivered out of box and blockchain capability .

GPOs Contracts

  • Master Rostering Automation – GPO rostering with dynamic address matching, Multi-tiered contracts maintenance, Data validations and COT assignments.
  • Reconciliation of class of trade with internal and external class of trade cross reference .
  • Admin Fee calculation and payment and provide all the details .

Health Systems

  • Calculate and pay GPO Pass-through Rebates when necessary
  • Maintain full life cycle of health systems direct contracts and prioritize them over indirect contracts
  • based on priority defined by business .

Sales Commissions

  • Automate sales commissions for your outside sales agents .
  • Calculate and pay sales commissions for your employees based on direct or indirect sales .


  • Build and distribute price catalogs and create price quotes with real time margin analysis powered by AI for direct contracts .
  • Analyze margins when negotiating contracts with GPOs .
  • Analyze and build product prices based on multiple pricing strategies and run simulations based on historical data to set the right price .

Profit Optimization

  • Optimize Profits by optimizing your pricing and incentives .
  • Analyze profitability in real time by drilling down at any level .
  • Run AI driven sales forecasts to provide accurate demand forecasts and use it to model for pricing and incentives .

Compatible With Most ERP Solutions including