Boost your promotions and incentives for winning results with IMA360

The automotive industry is witnessing significant transformations, driven by emerging and disruptive technologies, evolving customer preferences, new sustainability regulations, and innovative distribution models. Embrace the change with IMA360.

Effective Promotions Budgeting

Ensure optimal evaluation and funding of promotions through AI-driven sales forecasts and simulations. Adjust as necessary to maximize impact.
Streamline the allocation, tracking, and approval processes for marketing programs that empower dealers to promote your brand effectively. Keep a close eye on performance to drive success.

Efficient Promotions Execution

Seamlessly implement and manage various promotions, such as cash rebates, no-cost extended warranties, promotional financing, and free parts and accessories.
Empower your dealers with a collaborative portal that enables easy execution of promotions during registration. Real-time visibility to available promotions will ensure a smooth and effective process.

Optimizing Promotions for Success

Clearly define the objective of your promotions, whether it’s to increase market share or boost profits. Implement a strategy that optimizes promotions based on regions and products, focusing on delivering maximum value.
Analyze and compare national averages with local averages to identify outliers. Target these markets with increased promotions to drive higher volume and achieve your objectives effectively.

Dealers Incentives

Recognize top-performing dealers with high volume or profitability and encourage further growth. Implement performance measures for underperforming dealers. Automate Tier Volume rebates, Target achievement rebates based on certification level and retail volume, SPIFF, and more for Units, Parts, and Accessories.


Utilize AI-powered real-time margin analysis to create and distribute price catalogs and quotes. Maintain a single source of truth for all prices and discounts, with seamless integration into ordering systems. Analyze and build product prices using various strategies and historical data simulations to determine the optimal price.

Profit Optimization Strategy

Boost your profits through optimized pricing, promotions, and incentives. Analyze real-time profitability at any level for a comprehensive understanding. Leverage AI-driven sales forecasts to ensure precise demand predictions, empowering you to model your pricing, promotions, and incentives effectively.

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