Industrial Manufacturing

Compress Product Life Cycles and Innovate Rapidly with IMA360

In the dynamic landscape of industrial manufacturing, where product life cycles are compressed, and innovation is vital, IMA360 empowers you to innovate rapidly and stay ahead of the competition.
As products become increasingly complex, automated, and computerized, demand fluctuations can occur at a rapid pace. With IMA360, you can swiftly respond to these demand factors and drive success in a fast-changing market.

Customer Rebate Solutions for Market Growth

Fuel growth and expand market share with targeted customer rebates, including fee for service, compliance, price protection, volume, and growth rebates tailored for channel partners.
Cultivate brand loyalty through customer-focused rebates aimed directly at end customers, fostering lasting relationships and brand advocacy.

Optimized Pricing Solutions

Efficiently create and distribute price catalogs, and generate real-time quotes with AI-powered margin analysis.
Maintain a single source of truth for all prices and discounts, seamlessly integrating with ordering systems in real-time. Analyze and determine product prices using various pricing strategies, leveraging historical data simulations to establish the ideal price.

Effective Promotions Management

Optimize and oversee the entire life cycle of consumer-targeted promotions, executed by retail partners or e-commerce partners.
Efficiently allocate funds, track expenditures, and closely monitor approvals and performance for marketing programs aimed at channel partners.

Automated Royalty Management

Streamline royalty processes, allowing you to focus on innovation and core strengths.
Automate the management of royalties owed to you for the intellectual property (IP) used in your products.
Efficiently handle the automation of royalties owed to you by partners utilizing your IP in their products.

Automated Sales Commissions

Efficiently automate sales commissions for your external sales agents, streamlining the process.
Accurately calculate and promptly pay sales commissions to your employees, based on both direct and indirect sales.

Profit Optimization Strategy

Maximize profits by optimizing pricing, promotions, and incentives.
Analyze profitability in real-time, with the ability to drill down at any level for valuable insights.
Utilize AI-driven sales forecasts to deliver accurate demand predictions, empowering data-driven modeling for pricing, promotions, and incentives.

Compatible With Most ERP Solutions including