Supplier Chargeback Solution

Penetrate deep into the market,  and win more customers. Grow sales without sacrificing margins by automating your supplier chargeback (Ship & Debit/SPA/Claims) with IMA360’s supplier chargeback software.

Why Use Supplier Chargeback Software

Why Use Supplier Chargeback Software

Leveraging chargeback programs enables manufacturers to maintain competitive pricing while ensuring fair compensation for distributors. This collaborative approach strengthens relationships within the supply chain and contributes to overall market success.

Managing this process is quite challenging as hundreds of channel partners ship and invoice thousands of products to thousands of customers on a variety of contracts and any wrong claim claim can cause huge margin leakage for manufacturers.

IMA360 Chargeback Solution Benefits

sales commissions tool- Optimize Sales Performance

Automation and Integration

Complete automation from sending contact to channel partners via EDI 845 to receiving and validating claims via EDI 844 and sending response via EDI 849 and payment.

Promotion optimization for profitable growth- sales commisions tool

Collaboration Portal

Collaborate easily with your channel partners without the need for emails with excel files on collaboration portal to settle claims and resolve claim disputes.

Promotion optimization Collaboration Portal

Dashboards and Analytics

Multiple dashboards available for deeper analysis including Rejection reason dashboard. Configurable dashboards, Operational reports, and Self-serve zero code reports.

Customizable Industry Solution

Solution is pre-configured with best practices for each industry but allows customers to configure the solution and implement difference between different business units.

sales commissions tool analytics

Membership Management

Automatically manage your GPO, buying group member lists, and their activations to keep track of contracts attached.

sales commisions tool drive Profitability

Stop Margin Leakage

Validate claims to make sure end customer sale is on a valid contract and validate by serial number or channel partner inventory to avoid duplicate claims.

supplier chargeback solution practices

Best Practices for Managing Chargebacks

When specific products are shipped and invoiced by channel partners to end customers at a lower price than what they themselves paid, the partners are eligible to receive the price difference between the cost at which the products are bought and the price at which they are sold to protect margins.

Chargeback management has to have best practices for successful completion. Availability of transparent and clear pricing policies as well as eligibility criteria, helps to prevent possible arguments and uncertainty during transaction process. Manufacturers need to build and introduce a rigorous data management system that will track and report back chargeback purchases, ensuring to make data-driven decisions. In reality, technological solutions such as chargeback management software handle processes, reduce error rates due to manual works, and improve operative performance in practice. It is imperative that manufactures, distributors, and suppliers have collaboration and communication for effectively managing chargebacks and resolving any issue quickly.

Maximizing Revenue Streams: Strategic Approaches to Chargebacks

The chargebacks offer a way through which the manufacturers and distributors can revise their revenue streams. As chargeback programs are utilized intelligently by manufacturers, it builds up direct price alignment with market, competitors, and consumer expectations. Knowing the relative worth of the discounts at the end of the billing cycle, off-invoice deductions, and volume-based incentives can help manufacturers maximise such gains and, thereby, increase their earnings. Through data-driven approaches, manufacturers can use trends, market behaviour, and price discrepancies as analysis, and make proper decisions that will increase revenue.

supplier chargeback solution Maximizing Revenue
Supplier Chargeback Solution Resolution and Success Strategies

Dispute Resolution and Success Strategies

Disputes may occur during this process; hence, dealing with it tirelessly and applying problem-solving strategies is necessary. Supply chains are therefore expected to keep communication open between the manufacturers and the distributors, rapidly handle concerns raised by distributors, and provide the necessary documentation to support manufacturers’ claims. Adherence to contractual requirements and industry regulations is important as it underpins trust and build mutual confidence in the resolution of disputes. Businesses have opportunity to capitalize on market need and using big data analytics to efficiently resolve chargeback disputes thus they are able to make a decision that is data-driven and maintain the relationship with distributors.

Collaboration and Communication

The implementation of a chargeback management solution depends on the collaboration and the right communication between the manufacturers, distributors, and the suppliers. Establishing clear communication means of communication and to keep the contact open enables you to resolve disagreement as they arise.

This could be an issue if there are differences that might occur. Manufacturers should take initiative in seeking distributors’ participation, their views and concerns being part of the agreement. Through promoting open dialogue and mutual understanding, manufacturers contribute to the success of chargeback programs through development of stronger relationships between the parties involved.

Supplier Chargeback Solution -Collaboration and Communication

Key Features of IMA360's Supplier Chargeback Software

Rebate complexity and volume continues to grow, and sellers need to assess their current systems to make sure they can keep up and are truly automated end to end.

Complete Solution

Automated management of Chargeback accruals, Claims and Reconciliation and Settlement.

Out of the box EDI Formats

Automate contracts (845), claims (844/849), and sales tracing (867) using standard EDI delivered formats with the ability to customize for different suppliers.

Integrated Solution

Single, unified, and integrated solution ensuring integration with most ERP systems and easy to setup integrations for in-house legacy systems.

Disputes Resolution

IMA360’s reason for rejection dashboard allows for quick resolution. Retroactive contract changes automatically calculate adjustments from the prior period and appear in the approval workflow.

Claim Tracking

Complete online real time tracking and audit trail for all types of chargeback claims ensuring correct claim amount even though sell and cost price fluctuate through the month or quarter.

Validation and Audit Trail

Audit trail to match end customer invoicing with claim. Ability to route any contract change to approval process ensuing contract compliance.

Supplier Chargeback Solution -Leveraging Technology

Leveraging Technology: Streamlining Chargeback Processes

Use of technology in the digital era is the key point not to overlook for the optimization of the chargeback procedure. Putting in place advanced data management systems and chargeback management software will help the manufacturers to do a good job in tracking, monitoring, and analysing the details of chargeback transactions. These technological solutions eradicate manual errors, speed up the business process and provide a status update regarding the dispute claims. Manufacturers can utilize analytics tools to discover the trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement so that they can make data-driven decisions and optimize their chargeback programs for effectiveness both with regard to the time and the outcomes.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Ensuring Sustainable Success

Ensuring that rigorous procedures involving validation of claim getting through documentation and audit trails in place acts as a proof that the entire process is legitimate and enhances transparency. This compliance commitment builds and solidifies trust within distributors while also contributing toward sustainable achievements in the wholesale distribution stage.

Supplier Chargeback Solution -Compliance and Risk Mitigation
Supplier Chargeback -Unexpected Truth

The Unexpected Truth: Effortless Ship and Debit Management is Within Reach

IMA360’s innovative solution makes your chargeback programs managemetn easier by automating and optimizing the entire process, which saves you a lot of time and resources while ensuring better accuracy and efficiency. Get immersed into the future bid farewell to the hassle of manual processes.

IMA360’s Supplier Chargeback solution makes it easy and convenient to centralize, simplify, and de-risk ship and debit claim management by verifying claims automatically so mistakes do not occur, and the turnaround time is shortened. If claims are underwritten on time, budgets can be predicated easily, and reconciliation of claims can be done for appropriate financial periods.

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