Supplier Chargeback Solution

Penetrate deep into the market,  and win more customers. Grow sales without sacrificing margins by automating your supplier chargeback (Ship & Debit/SPA/Claims) with IMA360’s supplier chargeback software.

Why Use Supplier Chargeback Software

Leveraging chargeback programs enables manufacturers to maintain competitive pricing while ensuring fair compensation for distributors. This collaborative approach strengthens relationships within the supply chain and contributes to overall market success.

Managing this process is quite challenging as hundreds of channel partners ship and invoice thousands of products to thousands of customers on a variety of contracts and any wrong claim claim can cause huge margin leakage for manufacturers.

IMA360 Chargeback Solution Benefits

Automation and Integration

Complete automation from sending contact to channel partners via EDI 845 to receiving and validating claims via EDI 844 and sending response via EDI 849 and payment.

Collaboration Portal

Collaborate easily with your channel partners without the need for emails with excel files on collaboration portal to settle claims and resolve claim disputes.

Dashboards and Analytics

Multiple dashboards available for deeper analysis including Rejection reason dashboard. Configurable dashboards, Operational reports, and Self-serve zero code reports.

Customizable Industry Solution

Solution is pre-configured with best practices for each industry but allows customers to configure the solution and implement difference between different business units.

Membership Management

Automatically manage your GPO, buying group member lists, and their activations to keep track of contracts attached.

Stop Margin Leakage

Validate claims to make sure end customer sale is on a valid contract and validate by serial number or channel partner inventory to avoid duplicate claims.

Ship and Debit: Discover the Game-Changing Solution Your Business Needs

Best Practices for Managing Chargebacks

When specific products are shipped and invoiced to your end customers through channel partners at a lower price than what those partners (distributors/wholesalers/dealers) paid, the partners are eligible to claim the difference in price to protect margins.

Implementing best practices is vital for effective chargeback management. Clear pricing policies and eligibility criteria help minimize disputes and ensure transparency throughout the transactional process. Manufacturers should establish a robust data management system to accurately track and report chargeback transactions, enabling data-driven decisions. Technological solutions, such as chargeback management software, streamline processes, reduce manual errors, and enhance operational efficiency. Collaboration and communication between manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers are essential for successfully managing chargebacks and resolving potential issues swiftly.

Maximizing Revenue Streams: Strategic Approaches to Chargebacks

Chargebacks offer an opportunity to optimize revenue streams for both manufacturers and distributors. By leveraging chargeback programs effectively, manufacturers can align their pricing strategies with market demands, competitive landscapes, and customer expectations. Understanding the value of retroactive discounts, off-invoice deductions, and volume-based incentives allows manufacturers to capitalize on these opportunities and drive revenue growth. By adopting a data-driven approach, manufacturers can analyze market trends, customer behavior, and pricing discrepancies to make informed decisions that positively impact revenue generation.

Dispute Resolution and Success Strategies

Disputes may arise during the chargeback process, requiring diligent navigation and effective resolution strategies. Manufacturers must maintain open lines of communication with distributors, promptly address concerns, and provide the necessary documentation to support their claims. Compliance with contractual obligations and industry regulations is paramount, as it fosters trust and ensures fair resolution. Manufacturers can leverage market insights and data analytics to effectively resolve chargeback disputes, enabling them to make informed decisions and nurture strong relationships with distributors.

Collaboration and Communication

Successful chargeback management hinges on collaboration and effective communication between manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. Establishing clear channels of communication and maintaining regular contact allows for the timely resolution of any disputes

or discrepancies that may arise. Manufacturers should proactively engage with distributors, seeking their input and feedback to ensure that chargeback programs align with their needs and expectations. By fostering open dialogue and mutual understanding, manufacturers can build stronger partnerships and increase the overall success of chargeback initiatives.

Key Features of IMA360's Supplier Chargeback Software

Rebate complexity and volume continues to grow, and sellers need to assess their current systems to make sure they can keep up and are truly automated end to end.

Complete Solution

Automated management of Chargeback accruals, Claims and Reconciliation and Settlement.

Out of the box EDI Formats

Automate contracts (845), claims (844/849), and sales tracing (867) using standard EDI delivered formats with the ability to customize for different suppliers.

Integrated Solution

Single, unified, and integrated solution ensuring integration with most ERP systems and easy to setup integrations for in-house legacy systems.

Disputes Resolution

IMA360’s reason for rejection dashboard allows for quick resolution. Retroactive contract changes automatically calculate adjustments from the prior period and appear in the approval workflow.

Claim Tracking

Complete online real time tracking and audit trail for all types of chargeback claims ensuring correct claim amount even though sell and cost price fluctuate through the month or quarter.

Validation and Audit Trail

Audit trail to match end customer invoicing with claim. Ability to route any contract change to approval process ensuing contract compliance.

Ship and Debit: Discover the Game-Changing Solution Your Business Needs

Best Practices for Managing Chargebacks

In today’s digital age, leveraging technology is crucial for streamlining chargeback processes. Implementing advanced data management systems and chargeback management software allows manufacturers to efficiently track, monitor, and analyze chargeback transactions. These technological solutions automate repetitive tasks, minimize manual errors, and provide real-time insights into the status of chargeback claims. Manufacturers can leverage analytics tools to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their chargeback programs for maximum efficiency and success.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Ensuring Sustainable Success

Implementing rigorous processes for claim validation, documentation, and audit trails helps manufacturers demonstrate the legitimacy of chargeback claims and enhances transparency in their business practices. This commitment to compliance fosters trust strengthens relationships with distributors and ensures sustainable success in the wholesale distribution landscape.

The Unexpected Truth: Effortless Ship and Debit Management is Within Reach

IMA360’s AI-driven Ship and Debit solution revolutionizes the way you handle your programs by automating and streamlining the entire process, saving you precious time and resources while significantly enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Embrace the future of effortless Ship and Debit management and say farewell to the challenges of manual processes.

IMA360’s Supplier Chargeback solution centralizes, simplifies and de-risks ship and debit claims management by validating claims automatically so miscalculations are avoided, and turnaround time is shortened. When claims are processed on time, budgets can be calculated accurately, and claims reconciled for the right financial period.

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