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Nanotechnology, Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), Wearable Devices, Telemedicine are just a few examples of how this industry spurs Innovation.

The medical device industry is continuously advancing and innovating in a highly competitive market driven by technology.   However, Vertical Integration in the industry is picking up speed, and there are tremendous pricing pressures because of this consolidation.

IMA360’s solutions can help provide the 360-degree visibility you need.

Medical Devices

Full suite of solutions to Configure, Price, Quote, Promote and Optimize

Full suite of solutions that will help reduce cost and complexity in end-to-end processes from planning-budgeting to execution in your profit generating systems with a tight control, visibility and optimization of your medical devices pricing and incentive programs.

Distributor Rebates

Efficiently handle various rebates, such as Fee for Service, Channel Performance, and Price Protection.

Automate the entire chargebacks process seamlessly with EDI 844/845/849/867 mapping, delivered out of the box, and harness the power of blockchain capability for added efficiency and transparency.

Rebate engine that allows to efficiently manage the Contract to Settlement process, including setup, eligibility, calculation, and payment to distributors.

GPO Contracts

Automate Master Rostering with dynamic address matching, automated data validations, and COT (Class of Trade) assignments, ensuring accurate GPO rostering. In addition, efficiently maintain multi-tiered contracts.

Facilitate seamless reconciliation of internal and external class of trade cross-references.

Automate Admin Fee calculation and payment, providing comprehensive details for complete transparency.

Health Systems

Efficiently handle GPO Pass-through Rebates, calculating and paying them as needed.

Maintain the complete life cycle of health systems’ direct contracts, giving them priority over indirect contracts, based on predefined business priorities.

Sales Commissions

Reward your Top-Performing Sellers, using SPIFFs as a short-term incentive to boost sales of a specific medical device.

Complete transparency, tracking and real-time status on claims, Sellers will always know where they stand in terms of closing sales.

Efficiently calculate and disburse sales commissions for your employees, considering both direct and indirect sales.

Streamline sales commission processes for your outside sales agents with automation.

Price Management

Manage Prices centrally for all your consumable products and complex or high-value devices, in a flexible and agile way.   Maintain a single source of truth for all prices and discounts, with seamless integration into ordering systems. 

Efficiently build and distribute price catalogs and generate real-time quotes with AI-powered margin analysis for direct contracts.

Pricing engine that can easily handle the most complex products and key pricing figures, providing easy data access and visibility from Base/List Price to Net and to Margin.

Analyze margins when negotiating contracts with GPOs.

Profit Optimization Strategy

Maximize profits by optimizing pricing and incentives.

Analyze real-time profitability at any level for a comprehensive understanding.  Drill down at any level for data-driven insights.

Leverage AI-driven sales forecasts to ensure precise demand predictions, empowering you to model your pricing, promotions, and incentives effectively.

IMA360 Medical Devices Solution Features

Drive Growth and Profitability by analyzing and optimizing your Pricing, Promotions, and Incentives with IMA360’s Profit Optimization software.

IMA360 Solution capabilities

Trust IMA360 platform with advanced capabilities, driven by AI and ML, to provide holistic and accurate insights of your pricing and incentives management system.

Unique features

Digital Transformation/Smart processing

Decreases Operational Complexity

Optimize Process, Achieve Profitability

Analytics & Reporting

Security And Regulatory Compliance

Integrated with most ERP/CRM solutions including

IMA360 Automotive Solution capabilities

Drive Growth and Profitability by analyzing and optimizing your Pricing, Promotions, and Incentives with IMA360’s Profit Optimization software.

Unique features

Optimize Process, achieve Profitability

Digital Transformation/Smart processing

Decreases Operational complexity

Security and regulatory compliance