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Drive Profitability with proven Pricing Strategy

Bring clarity to the complex decision-making in Pricing to optimize and grow your business.

Maximize your margins, increasing profits, and closing better deals by unlocking the potential.

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Compatible With Most ERP Solutions including

Why are global companies partnering with IMA360?

  • Setup, calculation, accounting, reporting, forecasting, and analytics with pre pre configurations available for multiple industries.
  • Solution uses cloud innovations, data analytics, AI, and real-time integration to provide un-matched simplicity, scalability, and performance.
  • End to end profit optimization platform to enable better and faster decision making by allowing integration of massive amount of data, generate insights from it and use those insights for better decisions, all in real time running natively in the cloud.

IMA360 Benefits – High Level

Fastest Time to Value – Most incentives, promotions and pricing scenarios are pre-configured by industry which makes implementation quick and cost effective. Enable rapid delivery of new business requirements to adapt to changing market conditions

Single Optimization and Execution Platform – Integrates both ways with any ERP, CRM, and legacy software which allows it to be one end to end optimization and execution platform with lots of reporting and analytics capabilities

Implementation of Industry best practices with the flexibility to enable differences for each business division

Generate High ROI – One predictable flat low subscription cost per year – No separate licensing, implementation, infrastructure, annual maintenance, or support fees which leads to very high unpredictable cost

Free Trial – Use a solution tailored to your specific needs for a period before signing the contract

Only end-to-end profit optimization solution available in the market which handles all aspects of planning, execution and optimization related to Pricing, On Invoice Adjustments, and Off-Invoice Adjustments (Rebates, Promotions, Chargeback, Ship & Debit, Commissions, and Royalty)

Unparalleled performance- Solution is built for flexibility, scale and performance by well-designed architecture

Three Aspects to Pricing Optimization

Price Setting - Single Source of Truth

IMA360 utilizes a Single Central Repository to maintain all prices, discounts, and incentives.
Users can quickly and efficiently maintain embedded data through our Excel UI or upload Excel Files.
IMA360 implements rules-based maintenance for quick updates.

Price Catalog

Customers can access Price Catalogs via the IMA360 Portal, EDI 832, or automated emails with attached Excel Files

Real time Integration

Users can distribute data to ERP, CRM, Legacy Software, and E-Commerce Solutions to allow multi-channel ordering and quoting

Pricing Optimization

Use IMA360 to analyze cost, price, discounts, and rebates to calculate your margin.
IMA360 will suggest market prices based on competitor sales, risk level, and market intelligence

Price Quoting and Pricing Optimization

Create customer quotes and analyze margins at the time of creation, and view confidence scores generated by AI driven algorithms
Negotiate better deals with visibility into your customer’s purchase history and long-term value.

Approval Workflows

IMA360 has a workflow-based approval process for any pricing changes or corrections.
IMA360 is configurable and sends event-driven notifications to internal and external teams.